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What is FTAP?
Our FTAP (Fast Track Appointment Program) is a three phase program that will allow your Agency to become appointed with more insurance companies. You can join our webinar, held multiple times per week here to learn details about this program.

I the access I receive through FTAP direct and do I have binding authority?
Yes and yes. You have your own username and password to log in and quote directly with the carrier from day one and you can bind the policy on the carrier’s portal. Even in phase one, the FTAP is designed to look & feel just like a direct appointment.

How much is your set up fee?
FTAP includes a one time set up fee based on the number of carriers you choose to get appointed with. Our set up fee is low, however, and caps out at $1,000 (most Agents pay half that amount).

How much do you charge monthly?
Insurance Professionals does not charge monthly fees.

How much is your set exit fee?
Insurance Professionals does not charge any exit fees.

What states does Insurance Professionals operate in?
Insurance Professionals operates in all states (plus DC) except Hawaii.

What is your commission split?
Commission splits start at 70/30 for new Agents. Agents have the ability to earn 80% during the program, but in phase three of FTAP when you have a direct appointment, the commission split is done and you earn 100% of the commissions you earn.

Does Insurance Professionals have underwriters that I will work with? 
Insurance Professionals is a Direct Market Access program, meaning that you will have your own individual login for the carriers that we issue you sub-producer codes with. We do not employ underwriters and you will never wait on us for a quote. 

Can I get my access terminated for being inactive?
While Insurance Professionals does not terminate inactive users as a practice, insurance carriers do. There isn’t much of a point to having a login to a carrier you don’t write business with, either. To avoid logins being terminated due to inactivity, we encourage Agents to be actively logging in, quoting & binding with the companies, and before you onboard with a particular company, our staff will review any specific production requirements that carrier has (most of our carriers no “hard line” production requirements, the rest have low production requirements)

Does Insurance Professionals offer a multi-rater?
Insurance Professionals offers our "Easy Rater" free of charge for all of our agents to use to quickly and easily determine which of our carriers will work best for each client you quote with our carriers. 

Can I use my own multi-rater with the logins you issue to the carriers?
Yes, you can utilize your own multirater by simply entering your username and password for each of the carriers you are quoting through with Insurance Professionals.

Does Insurance Professionals provide training?
We provide our Agents trainings on how to quote with each carrier we offer. We also bring in some of the top minds in the industry to train our Agents on best practices regarding advertising, sales processes, and other topics to help our Agents succeed. 

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